FlexLicense - Reference

Data Model

This is the detailled data model exposed to users and vendors:



On this page you may visualize information about your account, and also view activity statement.
Your business name and Paypal address should be correct.


If your balance is negative a payment link appears. If so, click on this link redirects you to a Paypal payment page.
Statements screen displays all you account activity.


This is product list page. You might create or remove product. Beware: remove product will remove all clients attached to it.

Click on a product to edit product detail.

Licensing type may be:
  • Time limited : your product is time limited and payment links will grant user a time lapse. Time is measured in days.
  • Inner credit: your product embeds inner credit unit that does not depend on time lapse, and should therefore debited with the API call /withdraw-client.
    You should also set 'Type Unit' to a meaningfull label for your inner credit.
  • Currency: likewise 'Inner credit' but the 'Type Unit' must be a valid currency 3 letter ISO code among : EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, CHF, AUD. Fee will be expressed in percentage according to the 'Rate' setting, then converted to this currency at today's exchange rate. Also 'Min charge' amount will be applied to your customer if set.
  • Custom: server will just send an email with the information you did provide to gain access to your product. .No checking will be done, internal license key won't be used, /license-status or /withdraw-client will return error if called.
After choosing this option click 'Update' to update the form. Depending on the license type you might also have to set:
  • FreeTrial: offers a trial amount or period to customers registered through the /create-client API. A 0.40€ fee will be applied to each API call after the client has confirmed his trial offer email.
  • Sandbox Testing: check this option in order to test your product with Paypal sandbox account. You need to create both vendor and client sandbox accounts from Paypal developer account. Then fill your vendor Paypal email with sandbox vendor email. You can now issue sandbox payments from Paypal and test results. Feature is limited to 5 clients per product. Fees do not apply in this mode.

    Note: emails used for sandbox accounts need to be valid. Once a product has clients registered to, this option will be disabled. When the sandbox option is disabled all sandbox clients are deleted.
  • Send warning email on low balance account: this option enables to send a custom email to your customers when license is about to expire.

Email Templates

On this page you can add and or edit email templates. Email templates used on these events:

  • Purchase: a client issued a payment. This email is to provide license number or link to product.
  • Renew: an existing client issued a payment. This email is to remind license number.
  • Welcome: a client subscribed to a free trial. This email is to provide license number.
  • Warning: a client balance is below the warning threshold specified in product page settings.


Langue is chosen according to client address country. If not found default to EN or any language available.
Email template head and content are expanded with variables as seen on email template detail panel.

Search Clients

This page displays client found for a product base on email and or name. Client page shows client parameters and license number granted.