FlexLicense - Getting Started

Startup in 5 Steps

Create your account

  • Go to signup page. Use a valid email and a password with at least 8 characters.

  • Validate your account by clicking on the link you received via email.

  • Log in again to your account. Click on 'Account' menu bar, fill your entity name and Paypal address.


Connect your FlexLicense account to your Paypal account

  • Log in to your Paypal account.

    Go to Account Settings / Notification

  • Click on 'Update instant payment notifications'.

    Copy paste this URL:


    to 'Notification URL', select 'Enable Receive IPN messages' and save.


Create your product

This will be a time based licensed product.

  • In your FlexLicense account, click on 'product 'menu bar, then click on '+' button.

    Choose a product name (here 'test product').

    Leave other field as default to create a time limited product.

  • Click on 'Payment Links', then click on '+' button.

    We use the name 'test product link'.

    In 'Expected Payment' fill out the chosen price, say 20€.

    In Credit select a given number of days allowed, say 30 days. Then click 'Update'.


Create associated Paypal Button

  • Create a Paypal payment button with the same item name (names are case sensitive) and same amount as in the payment link created before.

    For this use copy paste buttons in the payment link page to copy the right name 'test product link' and the amount 20€ to the Paypal button screen.


Call API from your application

  • Go back to your FlexLicence page.
  • Go up to product page.
  • Click on 'API Keys', then copy the key to clipboard.
  • From your application call the /license-status endpoint with this given API key and the license key given by your customer in your application. Check license validity using 'valid' response JSON field.